Sunday, April 21, 2013

Falling Into You review

I won this book and it would be one of the first I actually glanced at the blurb for. I don't normally because it gives so much away. I must say though, I'm freaking glad I did because I had a heads up for what was to come.
Did this stop the tears?
Ahhh, Nope. Yeah I cried that whiny, hold back, but want to let it all out cry.  Another Kleenex award.
Even though I knew someone was going to die, Jasinda Wilder executed this book really well in regards to this massive, fundamental scene.
I fell for a boy who was to be no more and then was ALLOWED to fall for another. This doesn't normally happen and yet this author perfected it.

Okay, so you ask if I am revving this book up so much then why not 5 stars. Remember this is a personal review and opinion and I would be proud of 4.7 so it's not an insult.
I read Falling Into You and did love it, I just felt there was moments I felt like the author wanted every cool, beautiful characteristic she ever thought in it. Colton was everything, a fighter, a singer, guitarist, exceptional mechanic, hot lover and yeah we love he has massive flaws too.
This book had a bit of everything, but in that was it's slight fault.

Saying that, Colt is my love at the moment. Back off ladies. LOL.

So, you know I don't recommend books that aren't a must read. Which means, this is a must read. Grab the tissues too.
You can grab this at amazon
Happy reading.

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