Friday, May 31, 2013

Whisky On My Mind by Karlene Blakemore-Mowle

Novel #2 of The Whisky Shots books is out NOW!!!
It's here! Right Now!
So many readers have asked for more and Karlene Blakemore-Mowle has delivered.
I bought mine today @ amazon and plan to read this baby real soon. I kinda miss Sawyer and would love to know what's going on with our hot officer too.

If you haven't grabbed one, it is a must.

Happy reading

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Waiting On Forever by Ashley Wilcox review

LORD OF THE RINGS! What a cool book.
No, not Lord of the rings the book, but WAITING ON FOREVER by Ashley Wilcox.
Dudes, I was hooked and laughed which is such a nice change lately. I love the geeky girl who finds love in a popular jock with a huge heart.
What Leah lacks in popularity she makes up with balls loads of spunk and I love her.
This is such a taylor swift song which is a huge compliment, I promise.
Leah and Matt are freakin' awesome and their journey was one of the most natural and best I've read in a while for love at first sight type scenarios.
I smiled and laughed and cheered for them. I freaked out when another nice boy shows up and I panicked when things weren't looking so good.
I kind of got a high school feel more than a college age characters, but it never stopped me falling for them or their story.
Ashely has done one hell of a good job with this novel, even wrapping it all up in a pretty bow for me.
Thank you for helping me escape today.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ruining Angel by S. Pratt review


Okay readers, I was lucky to have a sneak at this one before publication, but have waited so I don't give anything away. NOT that I'm a spoiler kinda reviewer anyway, but still.
So RUINING ANGEL is part 2 to RUINED by S.Pratt. I reviewed the first novel and loved the authors voice and twists.
Many have different views on #1 and that's their biz, me, I loved it. Gave it a 5star even.
Ruining Angel is a great addition to show the reader how the Bailey and Angel got to the point of crossing some taboo lines. This book actually changed the 'tabooness' I know thats not a word-sue me.
As I was saying, the author is very talented as she had me fall for these characters before I knew what was happening in part one and then in part two explains how and why/ But she doesn't just stop there readers, oh no. S. Pratt gives us way more then just Angel's POV. She gave us an 'after the secret is out' story. We all wanted to know what happened after and we get this too.
Anyway, readers...even if you didn't really like #1 due to the 'adopted bro' thing, then this is actually a good book to follow up on to make you feel differently. If you loved it, then it's a must.

All in all peeps, a great series ending, 
Thank you Shelly. xxx