Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire review

I've had this one on my shelf since release because I was scared. Yep, scared.
I was scared that Jamie would ruin my love, lust and adoration for my misunderstood bad boy. My daughter read it first and then handed it to me and said, "Read." Then she just left. 
Okay, I thought. Time to just suck it up and do it.
Now I know the author and she's a freaking gem, but she knows I will be honest. LOL.
I started the book and began to read, still a little scared. That is until I realised there was more to the pages then a recap of Beautiful Disaster, this was Travis. His thoughts are more than offsets of Abby's, they are original and deep. 

In this book I actually sobbed a bit for what he was going through even when I knew it was coming because it was so damn raw. I knew almost everything and kept reading because he captivated me and then you get to the part you never see coming!
I NEVER DISCLOSE! you must read it yourself.
The book was wrapped up so flipping well, I wanted more. MORE!
So, Beautiful Wedding, here I come!
Thanks Jamie.


Happy reading