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  1. Hello! I would like to request you to post a teaser from Author HB Heinzer, Breaking the Rules.
    Teaser from Breaking the Rules by HB Heinzer

    It was hard to focus on the movie they were enjoying when all she wanted to do was straddle Adam's legs and press her aching core against him. She wanted to but now that she had made the first move, it was his turn.

    “Carly,” Adam said breathlessly, “you're killing me here, baby.” She took that as an invitation to continue as she slid her hand under the pillow. It was a good thing she wasn't facing him when she felt the bulge in his jeans and her eyes grew wide.

    Adam reached under the pillow for her wrist. “If you don't stop now, I'm not guaranteeing I'll be able to stop later,” he whispered.

    “Who said I'll want you to stop?” Carly teased. “I realized that if we're going to go to all the effort to make this work, we might want to make sure it's worth the many nights we're going to spend frustrated and alone.”

    “Well, when you put it that way...” Adam said rolling Carly to her back. He lifted her head so that he could slide off the couch.

    She looked up at him, slightly confused and disappointed. “Come on,” he said extending a hand to help her from the couch. “We're not in high school anymore. The first time we make love is not going to be on a couch.”

    Holy shit, she thought, he used the words make love. Do guys really say stuff like that? Carly had spent years trying to compartmentalize her heart from other areas of her body. She didn't make love. She screwed. She had sex. She even fucked on occasion. But, she never made love. The thought of making love to anyone, especially Adam, scared her. It implied an emotional connection she tried to avoid.

    Before she could turn on the small lamp on her nightstand, Adam's shirt was off and his hard body pressed tightly against her back. She twisted herself in his embrace until she could bury her face in the valley between his pecs.

    Unable to resist, she turned her head slightly taking one bare nipple into her mouth. He sucked in a sharp breath as she allowed her tongue to trace the tight bud. When her teeth grazed the same place her tongue had been, she felt his entire body twitch.

    Thank you so much for considering my request. I don't have my blog up and going yet and I am trying to spread the word about this great book and author.
    I have a book discussion group called Book Babes. I would love to add you if you would like.
    Stephanie McGill