Sunday, March 24, 2013

February/March Recommended Reads by Readers

G'day readers!

This is the choices for feb/march 2013 in no order at all by the readers. This also doesn't mean they are new releases either. If you are anything like me your TBR pile is huge and awesome books doen't make it to me for a little bit and I'm like...Why the hell haven't I read this already?
There are a few we have recommended before, but readers are just getting to them and I kinda think if they hadn't heard how awesome the book is until now, maybe you haven't either. So, here they are:


must say quietly, this is one of my very favs. shhhh


currently reading and loving. Didn't want you missing this one.

So my reader peeps, that is all for the month. If you have any suggestions of an awesome read post a comment or go to the facebook group.
Happy reading!


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