Friday, March 8, 2013

A hot read coming to you soon - 18+

S. Pratt, author of RUINED has a voice I have fallen in love with. Yes a girl crush.
I was extremely lucky enough to get a read of this one prior to it's release on the 17th March of this year and I have to say within the first paragraph I was hooked.
I wanted to know what made her think she was so terrible, who Angel was and why they couldnt be together.
Oh me gawd, I have to say I am lust with Angel, he gets my heart and other things racing.
Well you know me, I hate spoilers so thats all I will say other than Shelly Pratt is a very clever author when she touched base with a complex topic that normally would bring up barriers and yet the way she wrote it, I had none.
Suspensful, H.O.T, romantic and emotional.
Well done! 5 star.
You can add Ruined to your to be read list on goodreads. Note: this had been added by a fan prior with incorrect release date so it has been authorised to be resubmitted by the author. So if you already have put it on your 'to read' shelf, click here for the updated one and add to your shelf again.


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