Thursday, February 28, 2013

Awesome Teen read for all ages.

A Game Worth Watching is a book worth reading!!!

I had the privilege to read a book after hubs wentt to bed Valentines night and my birthday morning and it didn't disappoint!
Now that you have that straight, listen to me when I say...A Game Worth Watching by Samantha Gudger is a must read book.
It's sweet and had me smile, hug myself and damn it, I cried! Yep the salty ugly kind of cry.
Honestly, 5/5.
It was very well written and had me from go. I love the journey ALL the characters had to go through and how they grew with the help of One girl who thought she had zero effect on any soul. Riley and Emma are beautifully put together and there isn't one point in the book I could  fault.
I stayed up late Valentines Day and early rise on my BIRTHDAY no less and that's a day I should be allowed a sleep in; although I did have to work too. LOL. Anyway, I was running late for work and only had 6 pages to go...SIX pages! Who can leave a book at six pages to go?
A girl who needs to keep her job ;)
As soon as I got home though, I was jumping in my jammies because they are the best reading attire in the world and I flopped on the lounge ready for the finale...Samantha, God bless her imagination is a beautiful author and A Game Worth Watching has made it to my top love list.
Thank you Samantha!

P.S, I like Basketball ight now and I see Emma as Emma Stone if there comes a movie. Just saying!

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