Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tear of Tess review-OMG

FU@# ME!
Yeah this novel is filled with that, but it's so much more.
Tears of Tess would be the heaviest read EVER! 50shades has noting on this novel. NOTHING!!!!
I was quite cautious about reading this one due to the subject matter, but I'm so freaking glad I did.
This novel isn't just about sex or fu@#ing or bondage and pain. This runs way deeper than that for so many reasons.
I read this novel because I am in the midst of writing something darker than a YA or NA, I want to bring out a fear amongst the hope and as I read ToT I know she has it in the bag.
+Pepper Winters  knows how to break you, give you hope, love you and bring you to the edge with this story of Tess (esclave) and Q.
I'm scraed to travel like you wouldnt believe right now knowing what world she has drawn the cloak from is really out there, sex slaves aren't just in movies and books and many dont have happy endings.

***SPOILER FOR A BIT, so skip this section if you want.***

I will tell you now, if I feel like something epic was going to happen between Tess and Quincy I would have closed my book, or kindle, and walked away. But I felt it, I sensed it and kept me strong. how they found love in the destruction of one another is amazing and beautiful.
I craved more in every aspect and believed in them and the happiness they could bring to one another. He was her freedom and she is even though they are trapped in the cage of shadows together. They are together. That's all that matters.
There are so many scenes that are wrong to love, how he cut them with scissors and they lapped the blood. Their seal of a blood promise. Their need to both be claimed.

'Monsters find each other in the dark.'


'I want to hurt you.
I want to own you.
I want to devour you.
I want to make you mine.
I'm already yours.'

So this book isn't the first to have me wanting to crawl into bed and have my way with hubs, BUT, it is the first to have me at 12:11 am and 92% say 'NO!' I will not read the end.
Yeah I hear y'all saying it. How can I possibly put it down so close to the end? Well ToT is the first book I didn't want to end before I went to bed. I didn't want to mourn over lost characters, more to the point, these characters. I didn't want to say goodbye yet and so with a heavy heart I closed down the kindle, brushed my teeth and climbed into bed.
When morning broke on this very day I was thankful it is my day off and grabbed my kindle. Hubs is on holidays and brings me a coffee, he knows me.
I read the end. I relished in it and beamed with love for Tess and Q and their decisions and promises.
I love this book so much it is my top ten and top for the year. What I love most of all is there is a #2 coming. QUINTESSENTIALLY Q.

If I could, I would give Tear of Tess ten stars, but five will have to do.


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