Tuesday, September 24, 2013

C.J Roberts, Dark Duet review

Holy eff!
What a damn ride I have been on for two days.
You know, I love reading, I love it a lot and I have to say I love seeing the growth of genres and adaptability at learning and accepting what's out there. I have said it before, +E L James  made it socially acceptable to read mommy porn and openly talk about it and what did this do? It opened up a whole apartment block of taboo we all lick up like we are thirsty cats in the Sahara.
Now I'm not saying @C J Roberts is another mommy porn maker, No! But she definitely took me from my comfort box and threw me in the dark where I began to feel things VERY taboo.
I will be honest, it did take me four attempts at reading the first book- Captured in the Dark and it wasnt because I thought it was bad or not well written, I was just not ready to take that jump into...well, the dark I guess.
It was actually +Pepper Winters Tears of Tess that made me go back, that and a friend of taboo who claims CJ was better. Well, I said, if CJ is better than I have to give it another go, right?
Now it is also my personal opinion, so drop the pitch forks, that CJ's duet isn't better. I was actually more fond of PW and I say this because it is a totally different type of book. We shouldn't compare them at all.
With CJ's I was crushed so many times and felt so wrong to love someone so bad...so broken and at times mean. It was so dark at first I couldn't see where I would or could possibly fall for some one like Caleb. Of course, I did fall for him. I fell pretty hard because of his feelings for his Kitten-Livvie. I loved how true love conquers all, even a life of such torture in every sense.
If you have attempted this book before, I urge you to push past that page and then the next, and the next because it wont be long before you are utterly consumed by Master and his Kitten.

I lost two days to these books, the second one longer than expected actually with a surprise of an extra epilogue for the fans, but I enjoyed it completely.

@C J Roberts is quite a smart author I believe because in the throws of all that is going on with Caleb and Kitten, we also meet Matthew. I get the feeling we might meet Matthew in a series of his own. Matthew reminds  me of an FBI agent from +Karin Slaughter's novels- Will Trent. I loved him and I think I have a thing for Matthew too. I'm such a book boyfriend whore!

So, what I want from you all is to take the risk. turn another page, and then another, and so on, because you won't regret pushing your boundaries with this dark romance.
5 spanking stars

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