Saturday, May 18, 2013

Waiting On Forever by Ashley Wilcox review

LORD OF THE RINGS! What a cool book.
No, not Lord of the rings the book, but WAITING ON FOREVER by Ashley Wilcox.
Dudes, I was hooked and laughed which is such a nice change lately. I love the geeky girl who finds love in a popular jock with a huge heart.
What Leah lacks in popularity she makes up with balls loads of spunk and I love her.
This is such a taylor swift song which is a huge compliment, I promise.
Leah and Matt are freakin' awesome and their journey was one of the most natural and best I've read in a while for love at first sight type scenarios.
I smiled and laughed and cheered for them. I freaked out when another nice boy shows up and I panicked when things weren't looking so good.
I kind of got a high school feel more than a college age characters, but it never stopped me falling for them or their story.
Ashely has done one hell of a good job with this novel, even wrapping it all up in a pretty bow for me.
Thank you for helping me escape today.

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