Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Edge Of Never

I had to wait 24 hours before I could review this gut wrencher. No Joke.
Now, please don't give up when you think the beginning is a tad slow- believe me, it gets better. Like, WAY BETTER.
I have a new boy book crush in Andrew and I must say that I now need a new tat.
The sexual tension is high-man is it high and when it's on it's H.O.T!
Now this is where the peak of my emotions step in because there was a time I text a friend who had read it already and I asked in a panic if .........was going to happen and she said to just keep reading, so I did.
Then the next epic moment happens and the tears begin and peeps they didn't stop.
I couldn't even see the freakin words and I was wiping my face like it was heavy rain.
My father in-law pops in at this stage and there I am in my pyjamas still with a tangled mess in my hair and my eyes are blood shot. "What's wrong?" he asks in concern and I do the lip quiver and say, "it's this book I'm reading." It was like I grew another head was the look on his face. He's not a reader so he doesnt get it.
Anyway, he leaves and I jump right back into the gut wrenching pages and begin to sob again to a point where (and I'm sure once you read it , you will know) I have to put it down and I think I will never pick it up again, go online and post to my BA bookgroup and An Indie Affair facebook group that I hate them all for recommending this read. But my intrigue does me in and I pick it up and continue and I am so very glad I did. SO. GLAD.
The Edge Of Never was a roller-coaster ride of emotions and I loved it. LOVED it.
I called my said friend and confessed my forty minute cry and she laughed at me. She didn't cry but she did love it so I know you will love it too.
Thank you J.A Redmerski.

Happy reading

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